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Charles Krug Winery, the oldest and most iconic winery in the Napa Valley, is entering its fourth generation of Mondavi leadership. As Angelina Mondavi puts it, “Between my grandfather, Peter Sr., and great uncle Robert, we have massive shoes to fill.”

 The six heirs to the Charles Krug Winery — Angelina, Alycia, Riana and Giovanna (Marc Mondavi’s children), and Lucio and Lia (Peter Jr.’s children) — are making sure that the legacy of the winery remains intact, while continuing to innovate for the future.  

Currently, only Angelina and Lucio sit on the board of the winery, but all of the fourth generation children are involved. Riana, who lives in Dallas, handles the winery’s restaurant relationships throughout the United States. Giovanna lives in Boston, but continues to hold tastings and events on the east coast to build the brand of the winery. Alycia, who is local like Angelina, participates in on-site events at the winery and throughout the neighboring communities of the Napa Valley. And, they all have one goal in mind.

“For us, it’s all about innovation. We’ve been about innovation since day one with Charles Krug; from Charles Krug using a cider press to make wine, to my grandfather creating and instilling cold fermentation — a process we still use in modern day winemaking. Now, we’re looking at this next level. We have a beautiful estate and amazing buildings that were built in the late 1800s. And, what’s really cool about that: we get to teach people the history, because we don’t want it to be forgotten,” said Angelina.

This quote also touches on something important to this winery. While innovation is discussed, which points to progression and the future, there is a retrospection at its classic past and successful history. This perspective remains at the forefront of the Charles Krug brand.

They installed solar panels at the Charles Krug Winery estate, for instance, and have taken every measure possible to be Napa Green-certified. However, they continue to honor their legacy by boasting the estate’s original architecture and design, like the historic Redwood Cellar Tasting Room, recently renovated with the winery’s redwood barrel staves dating back to the 1940s, or the new additions to the Carriage House, which opens it doors to special events — including year-round and festival events and films for the Napa Valley Film Festival.

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