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WED • Nov 9 • 01:30 PM

Uptown Theatre - 860 seats | Napa

FRI • Nov 11 • 12:30 PM

Sam's - 100 seats | Calistoga

SAT • Nov 12 • 05:00 PM

Charles Krug - 200 seats | St. Helena

SUN • Nov 13 • 05:30 PM

Native Sons - 160 seats | St. Helena


Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life chronicles the inspiring personal and artistic journey of the singer-songwriter and former Men At Work front man, from dizzying heights to staggering lows to finding salvation through song. We ride shotgun tracing the surprisingly swift rise to superstardom of Men At Work, to that band’s equally surprising and rapid demise, to Colin’s long, slow climb back to relevance and resonance, ever finding salvation through song. Ultimately, commitment to his craft and the development of a truly one-of-a-kind stage show set Colin on the path that led him to a deeply satisfying solo career, one that is still ascending. With sold-out shows, and a word-of-mouth reputation for providing one of the finest nights out a music fan could ask for, Colin finds himself at the top of his abilities and is just getting started.

Note: Generously supported by Michele & David Glasser

Director Bio

Composer, musician, and sound engineer Nate Gowtham has recorded rock and jazz records, voice-over for television, burgeoning indie bands and singer-songwriters. He has mixed and designed sound for TV promos, podcasts and shows, as well as films such as Kilimanjaro, X/Y and Little Accidents. His co-director Aaron Faulls is a writer, producer, cinematographer and music supervisor. He is also the host of the TV series Into The Drink.


Meadowood Napa Valley

Run Time
84 min
Nate Gowtham, Aaron Faulls
Nate Gowtham, Aaron Faulls, Elizabeth James
Nate Gowtham, Aaron Faulls
Key Cast
Colin Hay